How to Promote any MLM / Network Marketing Opportunity Online Prospecting and Making Sales

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How to Promote any MLM / Network Marketing Opportunity Online Prospecting and Making Sales



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Some will, Some Wont, So What, Whos Next?

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Some will, Some Wont, So What, Whos Next?

In network marketing we have a concept called go for no. There is a saying yeses and no’s are fine but maybes starve babies. Meaning you can’t feed your child on maybe. every no eventually leads to a yes. The quicker you can get through the nos the quicker you get to close a sale.

We must eliminate all expectations and lose our attachment to the outcome. We never know who is ready to buy and who will never buy. ask the right questions and listen. If someone is ready to purchase they will sell themselves.


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Penny Matrix – Retire Early for only $7

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Penny Matrix

Can you really make a ton of money with a Penny Matrix plan?

Penny MatrixI have to be honest, in my 9 years in network marketing and network marketing i still belived “pennymatrix” programs were a scam.


one of my very successful mentors Robe Fore introduced me to this program.

but go back in time to 1991 and my old neighbor tried to get my brother and I into Amway I i told my brother that it was a scam.

It took me 23 years to come to my senses and join my first MLM. My life has never been the same since.

so the bottom line is:

CAN WE make significant money together with this.

Simple answer, DEFINITELY.

Like anything in life their are no guarantees and there is no such thing as “get rich quick”. Lets erase the lottery mentality from out internal map of reality.

But out of all the internet/online marketing opportunities this is the easiest and simplest ways to earn a significant income with the least amount of effort that I have discovered.

My mentor, Rob Fore, has built a team of over 11,000 active network marketing distributors worldwide in one company, and even have a team of 8,600 in yet another penny matrix program.

So how much does he make with a team of EIGHT THOUSAND in another forced matrix? Less than $1,000 per month.

And if we were to build out this new program to have $8,600+ active members it would pay out roughly $2,000 per month.

Penny Matrix

Which is not too shabby.

Imagine, an extra $2,000 per month could dramatically change your life in a positive way.

Think about it for a minute.

How would your life be different if you started bringing in an extra $500… $1,000… even $2,000 (or more) each and every month without having to work a lot of overtime or without picking up that extra part-time job at walmart?

  • Would you be driving the same old vehicle?
  • Would you be living in the same neighborhood?
  • Would you still be tossing and turning at night worrying about bills?

Chances are… your life would be significantly better with some extra money coming in. Right?

Of course!!

So let’s “do the numbers” and let me show you  a possibly BETTER WAY to make extra money online quick and why you might NOT want to promote a penny matrix.

Penny Matrix Profits!

There are really only three ways to make more money in your business:

  • Get more customers
  • Make more per sale
  • Get your existing customers to buy more

The easiest way I’ve found to make more money fast is to promote programs that pay you a monthly residual income on both your efforts and on the efforts of those you sign up.

So, in this case, (if automated) promoting a penny matrix fits the criteria and makes sense.

It is much better promote a program that pays MORE.

For example, instead of $0.30 per sale… what if you could earn $100 per month per sale?

Now let’s crunch the numbers – but let’s assume only 1% of the people who read about the program actually join because it is more expensive (again, a REAL WORLD REALITY):

  • 2,900 people search per month
  • 580 read this blog post
  • 5.8 join the program
  • 5.8 x $100 = $580 per month
  • $580 x 12 = $6,960 PER MONTH end of the year

Think about that.

The WORK you put in is the same, but the profits are not even in the same league.

Penny Matrix Profits?

A mentor of mine once advised me,

“Stop Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies”

When I first heard this it made no sense to me.

But as I learn how to make more money in my own business, I soon realized it is just as easy (or difficult) to sell something that earns you $100 per sale as it is to sell something that makes you a profit of $0.30 per sale.


Think about it like this for a minute…

At this moment, as I write this blog post, over 2,500 people, like yourself, are sitting in front their computers and searching google for the term “penny matrix” or “pennymatrix” or “penny matrix review” or even “penny matrix scam” each and every month.

Why is this? MAYBE because you may have heard about a penny matrix program somewhere… and you than decide to learn more about it.

Which is a good thing. And if you like what you find… you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PENNY MATRIX PROGRAM.

Now let’s play with the numbers game a little by assuming 20% of the people who search for pennymatrix actually find this blog post and 10% of these people actually join the program on a monthly basis.

  • 2,900 people search per month
  • 580 read this blog post
  • 58 join the program
  • 58 x $0.30 = $17.40 per month
  • $17.40 x 12 = $208.80 per month end of the year

Okay. Again, not too bad. At least we are making a profit.

And if you understand that in the REAL WORLD  about 5% of the people who join this program will also promote it (a MAJORITY will never sign up a single person no matter the price)… you could assume you might make $500 per month after a promoting the pennymatrix program for about a year.

Bottom line – It takes a LOT of people to make a profit.

Which is not a horrible thing if you have an PASSIVE way to promote the program – such as writing a blog post like this.

It may take me several hours to research, write and syndicate this blog post to receive high rankings in the search engines… and once it ranks… each and every month I could expect to sign up around 56 people.

So the KEY to making more money than that would be write and review many other programs… get those blog posts to rank… and literally create an automatic money-making machine that works 24/7 even while you are sleeping.

Right? And that is exactly what I teach you to do here with my FREE 8 day internet marketing bootcamp– 8 Day Internet Marketing Bootcamp. (We make about $40,000 PER MONTH blogging, by the way!)

Stop Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies my friend!

Promoting a penny matrix program is not a bad idea if you have a way to automate the process AND to have, if any, marketing costs. This can be done by blogging, with  social media marketing and free video marketing .

However, if you are truly serious about taking your business income to the next level – consider programs that pay you at least $100 per month per sale.

All the best to you,

Paul Butler

“The Dream Weaver”

If you received any value from my article about Penny Matrix please leave a comment below and share with your network…

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What is the Secret Language of your Prospects

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What is the Secret Language of your Prospects

There a several ways to speak about your opportunity

to your prospects.

  1. Speak about the benefits of the products – How is your products going tosecret language of your prospect change the lives of your prospect and their family. How will the products help improve their lives. The key word here is HELP.
  2. You can talk about the lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle will the opportunity provide for the prospect?  Travel more, stay at home with the kids, travel incentives…
  3. The financial independence, residual/leveraged income. the compensation plan. You can talk about how network marketing has the greatest income potential of any industry.

Listen to your prospect. Ask questions. As long as you are asking

the questions you are in control of the conversation.

Use same tone, speed and language type. It may be more visual, sensory, feeling.

Remain enthusiastic and positive yet inquisitive.

show true interest in your prospect.

People want to know that you will be there for them.

ALWAYS keep your word! do what you say you are

going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

REMEMBER we are just seeing if the prospect qualifies for our team.

Secret Language of your Prospects: Questions –

Ask qualifying questions. to do this you will

ask qualifying questionshave to learn more about your prospect.

Ask questions like. How do you like your job?

Have you ever thought of doing something else?

how long have you been doing what you do?

do you have children? would you like to spend more time with them?

what is your dream job?

what are you passionate about?

Find out their why? Why would you be open for an opportunity?

When you find out why. How would that make you feel if you could ______?

How would you feel if you could spend more time with the kids? if you could go on that dream vacation, if you didnt have to worry about money?

get into peoples emotions and they will sell themselves!

But ultimately we need to discover if the prospect is even open to check out your opportunity.

People buy on how something makes them feel, or how they believe it will make them feel.

Remember, people purchase things/ideas based on if  will give them pleasure or avoid a pain.

We are not selling a drill we are selling them on how to make a hole.

We are not selling people an opportunity. We are a selling a solution to their problem. a solution to their money problems and suffering. Most people hate their job. How about if you did something you love. How would life be for you then.

We are selling DREAMS. a lifestyle….

Let people know, Network Marketing is a better way!

Here is a great video on the Secrets of Body Language

If you received value from What is the Secret Language of your Prospects please leave a comment and share on your favorite social websites!

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12 Success Questions to Ask While Prospecting in MLM

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12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

Most people struggle in network marketing because

prospecting mlmthey approach marketing the wrong way.

People tend to pitch their opportunity well

before they have any idea if their potential prospect

is even open to their opportunity!

Before vomiting your amazing biz opp

ask these questions first to determine

if your prospect even qualifies for your


Network Marketing is about building relationships.

It is not about selling everyone you

happen to run across during your day!

start building rapport with your prospect

by asking these:

12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What type of work do you do, or what do you do?
  3. What does that entail?
  4. How long have you been doing that?
  5. What did you do before that?
  6. How are you being effected by whats happening with the economy?
  7. How do you like what you are doing?
  8. Have you ever thought about doing something else?
  9. Are you familiar with the network marketing industry?
  10. What experience/s have you had?
  11. Why do you think you weren’t successful?
  12. Would you be open to looking at another company if it didn’t have those obstacles?

Let me elaborate on these questions. REMEMBER; work on becoming a better listener.

Do not interrupt and try and keep the questioning natural.

Show interest in what your prospect has to say.

People love to tell you their story and

depending on how they answer these questions

MLM Prospecting
Prospecting for gold

you will know if they may qualify for your team!

question 1 : where are you from?

People like to tell you about their home.

If you have nothing to add to their answer move to the next.

question 2: what type of work do you do?

this is a great question.this is where we start getting to

feel out where they are in their business life.

question 3: what does that entail?

now this question is only needed when

the answer they give to question 3 isnt

self explanatory.

question 4: how long have you done that?

this will help lead into…

question 5: What did you do before that?

this question only makes sense if they

have worked their current job for less than 5 years.

if they have been at their current occupation for 25 years skip to the next question.

which is question 6: How are you being affected by whats happening with the economy?

this is a great question. Now we are getting into the

real depth of getting to know someone.

Depending on their answer to this we

can really start feeling the prospect out.

question 7: How do you like what you are doing?

Here we go folks. This will really open the person up.

Pay attention here to any emotions your

prospect shows.

question 8: Have you ever thought about doing something else?

You really want to delve into this one regardless of their answer to question 7. Here we are just testing the waters.

question 9: Are you familiar with Network Marketing?

the answer to this will range from no experience, many people

have not been exposed to the term in the past, to a negative

feedback. Now see if any negativity is based on personal experience or just not understanding the concept.

question 10: What experience did you have?

Now this question is only valid if they have had any experiences in network marketing. If they have had a bad experience with a prior MLM move to question 11 if not move to 12…

question 11: Why do you think you weren’t successful?

another great question. With this question you will learn

how this person feels about this industry and will open them to the final question.

question 12: Would you be open to looking at another company if it didn’t have those same obstacles?

obviously this question is asked in this way if they have had previous negative experiences with a MLM company. If they have had no experience you would want to rephrase question 12 with a question such as “Would you be open to make extra income with an opportunity that doesnt interfere with what you are currently doing?”

I hope you enjoyed these questions and they help you to build your empire!!

If you received value from 12 Success Questions to Prospecting in MLM please leave a comment and share on your favorite social media websites!

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Todd Falcone Message to all Part Time MLMers

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Todd Falcone Message to all Part Time MLMers

In this video by leading network marketer, Todd Falcone, explains what it takes to take your MLM to the next level.

You see most people doing

network marketing part-time

aspire to be a full-time network marketer.

for many reasons. check out the following video by Todd Falcone…

How to be a successful engaged part timer.

Todd Falcone Message to all Part Time MLMers…

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How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address

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How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address
How to Connect with People on Facebook and Skype with just an Email Address. Sometimes you will get people opt into your lead capture page and not leave a phone number so to connect with the prospect beyond emails the next step is to connect on Facebook and or Skype.

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Numis Network Australia Prelaunch until April 1 2012

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Numis Network Australia Prelaunch until April 1 2012
Numis Network , Gold and Silver MLM out of Tampa Florida is in a PreLaunch in Australia until April 1 2012. FREE Pre-Enrollment. We have until April 1st to build a massive organization. Lets build a massive organization together…go to
click change market than click Australia


Numis Network Australia Prelaunch

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Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past

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Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past

word of mouth advertisingIn the past he who had the most money to spend on advertising WON!!! Today the tables have turned and now he who builds the best brand and community wins. The trends show that people are attracted to brands and rely on social media to learn what they “can’t live without.” Its all about the buzz and building a loyal community and “tribe” to spread the word about your products or service.

Word of Mouth Marketing goes a lot further to building your brand and growing your business. That why more business models are going into the Network Marketing industry than into the advertising industry.

Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves.”
— Albert Einstein

Here are several reasons Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past:

  • We are all bombarded daily by many forms of advertising. We are exposed to a minimum of 250 to 500 ads everyday. Because of so many advertising methods always trying to “steal” our attention no wonder we all suffer from ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder). The average attention span of a human today in the civilized world is about 10 to 20 seconds on average. If you dont catch someones attention with that time you lose them. Thats why email advertising also doesnt work like it used to 10 years ago. Also the massive spamming out there in internet land doesnt help either.advertising
  • People do not trust Advertising and Big Corporations anymore. How many times have you been misled by advertising or walked into a “big box” store and were “tricked” into buying something you didnt need or even want?!!! With the advent of social media now people are informed more and more by what there friends and contacts are recommending or talking about. Social Networking in the past few years has grown in leaps and bounds. As of Jan 2012 there are over 700 million people on facebook. If someone posts a question about a certain product the most responses a person gets the more likely they will look into those recommendation. with the world connected through social media it is much easier to build a brand and for your marketing to go viral.
  • Creativity and Ingenuity go a lot further than the advertising tricks. With the competition of the internet the most creative and viral far outweigh the amount of money thrown at a marketing campaign. Although, you never know what will go viral, social media has made it more powerful to build a viral campaign. Look for creative and fun ways to promote your business. Look at what is getting the most hits on youtube and whats trending and always fuel the imagination.
  • People trust their friends/family and their social groups over companies and corporations. getting people excited and talking about your great products and or service will transform your business in positive ways. Avoid hype and give people things to talkadvertising thinktank about. Be original, be creative…THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!
  • Create a Thinktank. This is a solution to the problem of advertising. bring together either offline, online or conference calls the most creative people you can find to brainstorm on attention getting methods on building your brand. First things first, you need a great product or service you words and actions can back up.

Now that you know that advertising and a large marketing budget alone will just cause you to go bankrupt. Now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!!!


If you received any value from my Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past article please leave a comment and share 🙂

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How to Generate Network Marketing Leads Online

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How to Generate Your Own Network Marketing Leads Online

If you are new to network marketing or have been in the industry for many years if you are struggling in building your business or have run out of lead generationyour warm market the internet is a bridge to new prospects. I generally have my new recruits make a list of at least 100 people and call those people or meet with them. There are many offline ways to grow your warm market offline such as networking groups and meetup but this article will be about generating leads online.

The following list will be the fundamentals on How to Generate Your Own Network Marketing Leads Online

  1. The first step is to start building your brand. That will be YOU, Inc. This will take time to build but getting started today is paramount to long-term success. Your brand will be your name, face, voice and value you bring to the marketplace. Purchase a domain name as your name such as if the domain is already taken add a who is or work with before your name.
  2. Now that you have your domain create a wordpress blog on that online leadsdomain. start blogging everyday bringing value with your posts. You also want to have a sales funnel built into your blog. I use a funnel and system called MLSP. MLSP is a marketing training and sales funnel. Click here for an example.
  3. Now you want to start driving traffic to your blog…
  4. Free Marketing techniques. Free marketing would be things such as article marketing, social marketing such as facebook, twitter and youtube. commenting on other high traffic blogs and creating a newsletter.
  5. Paid marketing techniques: Some of the top paid marketing techniques are Google PPC (pay per click), Facebook PPC, you can buy leads from a reputable company, use viral url or traffic swarm. You could also outsource your marketing campaigns. I also use a auto syndication system called Tribepro. Its a community of marketers who syndicate each others content through social media.
  6. You also need a lead capture page for your business opportunity. Such as you will find by clicking >>> my lead capture page . This lead capture page is built into the MLSP system. You want a call to action in all your marketing.
  7. My favorite source of traffic and lead generation is youtube. You have people watching you, they see you hear your voice it is a much better way to warm up a prospect than a sales letter. If you call them they feel like they already know you!!
  8. I learned from one of my mentors that if you are out there fishing it is better to have many hooks with different bait than just one hook with one kind of bait. Different things will resonate better for different people. Start with one technique you learn, do that for 30 days or until you get good at it and learn something new.

In this industry we never stop learning. Remember the simple things are much easier to duplicate and the fundamentals of this industry never change. It really is a numbers game. The more people you talk to and present your opportunity to the more successful you will become. We really do want quality over quantity. This will save you time and money but this you will learn in time.


If you found value in How to Generate Network Marketing Leads Online please comment and share!!

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