Some will, Some Wont, So What, Whos Next?

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Some will, Some Wont, So What, Whos Next?

In network marketing we have a concept called go for no. There is a saying yeses and no’s are fine but maybes starve babies. Meaning you can’t feed your child on maybe. every no eventually leads to a yes. The quicker you can get through the nos the quicker you get to close a sale.

We must eliminate all expectations and lose our attachment to the outcome. We never know who is ready to buy and who will never buy. ask the right questions and listen. If someone is ready to purchase they will sell themselves.


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ATTN: For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Travel the World, Make Mon…

Find Out Why Businesses Are Searching For People Just Like You to Help Market Their Businesses With the Power of Social Media

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There are few people today other than myself who know how to use social media to grow a business. Some of my recent social media accomplishments include:

» 635M minutes watched on my YouTube videos
» $21.7M in social media marketing testing
» One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
» My YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Social media marketing is, easily and decisively, the best way for any business to raise awareness and increase interest in their products or services. I’ve been able to successfully start dozens of new businesses – and scale already-existing businesses, thanks to social media.
Here’s why social media is so powerful: because it’s so pervasive in our everyday lives, and will continue to influence how people behave as time goes on. Not a day goes by where you, or someone around you, doesn’t check their social media. As a business owner, this is a powerful concept.
Unfortunately . . .

For most businesses, keeping up to date on social media marketing takes too much time. Since time is a valuable asset for a business, social media marketing is often ignored.
Here’s the good news: this failure for businesses is an opportunity for you. Businesses today will gladly pay thousands per month to have someone else manage their social media marketing.

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As long as you can prove you know how to manage social media (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you can set up a service-based business that provides you recurring income.
Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this new program that trains on how to master social media (and, get small businesses to pay you for your services):

1. How to find companies that need help with their social media presence
2. The right, and best, way to use free videos to help any small business grow a highly-engaged audience of followers on social media
3. How to set up a new social media marketing agency, even if you’ve never started a business before (we’ll provide you the forms, links to legal documents, contracts, and how-to instructions.)
4. How to set up multiple types of packages for your clients, so you can offer premium (i.e., highly-lucrative) services to certain clients
5. How to choose a name for your company, purchase a domain, and set up a simple website for getting clients (plus: how to set up a generic LLC that you can use to change your business names over time)
6. The best equipment to use for social media marketing (even though all you need is literally a phone with a camera, I’ll show you what to buy when you want to upgrade your equipment)
7. Why naming your new social media business using your own name is a mistake (and what type of name you should choose instead)
8. How to make any business interesting, even if they’re a mortuary (hint: it involves how to tell engaging stories on social media that attract followers, and keep them coming back for more)
9. How to set up email marketing funnels for small businesses, so they can collect leads, and monetize them over time (when you do this right, you’ll build a long term asset for a business that increases in value as time goes on)
10. How to speak to business owners, use language they respond to, and negotiate win-win agreements
11. How to set up automation that runs your social media agency as hands free as possible, so you can travel the world, make money, and have fun
12. How to get small businesses to pay you, simply by providing them a valuable service that generates customers and profits every month using social media
13. The best way to track your social media marketing, so you can base your rate on money that’s already been generated for the business (knowing how to do this is vital for setting up pricing agreements)
14. The exact business template I would use if I were starting over (I get asked this question all the time, this new program has everything anyone needs to get started, even if they’re new to social media . . .)
15. Why you’ll never feel alone while building your agency, thanks to a private Facebook group we’ll create for members in this program
16. How to set up mutually beneficial collaborations between social media influencers and small businesses (as one of the top social media influencers in the world, I know how to do this better than anyone else)
17. How to use quizzes to attract new leads for a business (this new quiz approach works wonders for businesses because people love quizzes, especially ones that tell them more about themselves)
18. How to set up social media sales funnels for small businesses, so you can help them make more money and get rewarded while doing so (you’ll learn the best practices for sales funnels that I’ve learned during $20m+ in marketing spend)
19. How to create social media content people cannot help but like, share, and comment on (and, how to automate or outsource this once you do)
20. How to apply these principles for creating a social media agency to your business, so you can avoid the cost of outsourcing (while this program focuses on helping anyone start a social media marketing agency, it can also be used to train staff on using the best social media marketing practices)
21. Why now is the best time to get “in” on social media marketing, how to stake your claim in this soon-to-be highly-competitive industry, and create a valuable, long-term business asset that pays you every month

get rolling now =>>>

All of these lessons essentially give you practical, immediately-usable information that’s better than any 4-year college or university education in 4 months, and for a fraction of the price.
If you’re interested in getting started, let me explain . . .
MONTH #1 ” The first 30 days shows you what types of small businesses to help, how to form your company, get started with practicing on social media marketing on your own business.
MONTH #2 ” During the second month, I’ll show you how to become a master of social media. You’ll be given templates, checklists, and guides that are consistently updated over time, so you always have the most up-to-date info.
MONTH #3 – After I’ve shown you how to use social media, I’ll help set up your agency and get your first small business to pay you. I’ll give you the necessary info to set up the legal structure of your company, what contracts to use, and explain how to convince a small business to hire you.
MONTH #4 ” During this last month, we’ll show you how to service your customers, build your team, and automate your workflow. This last month is all about making your service-based business as “hands free” as possible, so you can make more money without adding a ton of time-consuming work.
At the end of the 4-month period, you’ll be given a Social Media Marketing Certification.
You’ll be able to show off this certification to your peers, use it to increase authority when getting new clients, and identify yourself as someone who’s learned from one of the world’s leading experts on social media marketing.


The people who act quick will benefit most from these 3 bonuses, especially bonus #3.
BONUS #1 ” For a limited time, we’ll be giving away 1 free ticket to any of our live events. This free ticket will be valid for an entire year. The value of this bonus is $1,200-$1,400.
BONUS #2 ” I’ll give you access to one of my latest programs on how to create a cool lifestyle. This will be vital to you. The reason why is because as you start making more money using social media, you’ll want to learn how to live a life most people dream about. The value of this is $497.
BONUS #3 ” After you’ve completed your 4 months, and received your certification, we’ll add your name and contact info to a site dedicated to social media experts trained with this program. This way, whenever someone is looking for a social media expert, you’ll have your name featured on a site that’s supported by our brand.

This last bonus benefits the people who take action first. The reason why is because the sooner you go through this program, the more you’ll have preferred treatment on the page.

Click to begin this program!

Stay Strong,
Paul Butler

Posted by Paul Butler on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Viral Marketing

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Viral Marketing


You probably already know that one of the most effective forms of marketing happens to be word-of-mouth marketing. When someone hears about a product or service from someone they know, it’s much more powerful than hearing the same message Viral Marketing Campaignsfrom the company selling the product. After all, the company has a stake in the situation!

For many years, word-of-mouth marketing has been something most companies had to hope for. There was little they could do to actually attract word-of-mouth other than providing a great product and excellent customer service.

Then some smart marketers realized they could actually ignite this kind of marketing on their own. They started out with “publicity stunts”, but over the years, this has evolved into what we now call “viral marketing”.

In this report, you’re going to learn some ways you can get viral marketing working for you!

Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

What makes a successful viral marketing campaign? Why do some marketing pieces go viral and others do not? How can you make sure your own campaigns perform well?

These are all very common questions regarding viral marketing. And there are no easy answers to any of them. It’s easy to look at successful campaigns and say, “Oh, well that campaign was successful because…” However, what made that campaign work might not necessarily work for a similar campaign.

The thing about viral marketing is that you can never fully predict how people will react to something. You can spend thousands of dollars on market research and still not have a truly accurate picture of how people will react to a live campaign in the real world.

The truth is that even multi-million dollar marketing agencies don’t always get it right. In reality, most viral marketing campaigns never actually go viral at all. They are created for that purpose, but they don’t work.

All you can do is create a campaign that has a good chance to go viral. There are no guarantees!

So what typically makes a good viral campaign?FacebookSized-480x320-ONETEN

  • Humor – Many successful viral campaigns contain an element of humor, often revolving around it.
  • Shock Value – Many successful campaigns have some shocking or outrageous elements.
  • Uniqueness – For a campaign to go viral, it usually has to be something people haven’t seen before.
  • Value – Sometimes simply offering a truly outrageous deal such as something good for free or at a ridiculously low price is enough to get a campaign to go viral.
  • Sympathy – Many viral campaigns include an element of sympathy. For example, commercials for the ASPCA show cute animals that have been mistreated. People talk about these videos, because they are very emotional.

While these elements exist in most viral campaigns, they aren’t always enough to cause a campaign to generate buzz. Even when they do, they often don’t generate the level of buzz you’re hoping for.

There have been thousands of funny and unique television commercials that have come out in the last year or so, but only a handful of those are truly memorable enough to go viral.

It’s difficult to separate the successes from the failures, because at first glance they all seem to be similar. A funny commercial is a funny commercial, right? But it’s not that simple. Simply being funny is not enough to get people talking.

When you’re working on a viral campaign, one of the most important things you should realize is that there is no way to guarantee success with viral marketing. It’s just not possible. No matter what you do, you are helpless once the campaign is released. You’re at the mercy of the whims of the public.

Just understand that not every viral campaign will succeed. You should make sure to incorporate as many of the elements as you can, but in the end, the public will decide what it likes.

Don’t give up if you create a campaign that doesn’t go viral. Simply try again with a new campaign.

 Viral Opt-Ins

One of the best ways to use viral marketing is to build an email list. Many people concentrate on sending viral traffic to their sales pages, but it’s a better idea to send that traffic to a squeeze page in order to build your list.

Let’s say you have a product you’ve just released, and you are trying to build buzz around that product. You could send all of your traffic straight to the sales page, but what if people don’t buy right away? They might never return, and they would be lost forever.

However, if you sent that traffic to a squeeze page and offered them some sort of freebie to join your email list, you could email them several times about your product, increasing your chance to make a sale.

Additionally, you could market to that person many times over the coming years. Whenever you released a new product or wanted to promote a product as an affiliate, you would have your email list to do so.

This increases the effectiveness of your viral campaigns, because it gives you people to market to even if future campaigns don’t do as well. They become long-term customers.

When you build a squeeze page, try to offer users something related to your viral campaign. If your campaign is a funny video of a golfer missing his swing several times, you might offer a free report about how to improve your golf swing accuracy.

Build your freebie to speak to the market. Make sure it’s something they would really appreciate, and make it high-quality so they expect that your paid product will be even better.

Inside your freebie, you can put marketing for your paid product. This way, you’re marketing to people in your viral video, in your freebie, and on your mailing list, as well.

Everything you do should be about maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Make sure you’re marketing your product every chance you get, and that you’re building your list so you can market to them over and over instead of losing them forever.

 Viral Videos

Perhaps the easiest type of content to get to go viral is video. People just tend to react better to videos, because not everyone has the capacity to fully understand and comprehend the written word in the same way they understand video.

Videos are also very easy to share. One quick link is all someone needs to send someone to your video, and it’s easier to convince someone to watch a video than it is to convince them to download written material and read it.

Of course, creating viral videos can be tricky. Remember, you can’t guarantee something with go viral to the extent you would like it to. However, most videos have the potential to bring in traffic, even if they don’t go viral in a big way.

When creating a video, try to remember these tips:

  • Don’t automatically use humor. Not all markets will respond well to humor, and it could hurt more than it helps. Try to anticipate what your target customer would be interested in.
  • Hire actors to appear in your videos that your target market would identify with. If your target market is a male age 18-35, don’t hire older women. If your target market is older women, don’t hire a teenage boy.
  • Make sure you don’t offend your target market. Many viral campaigns fail because they don’t properly anticipate a negative reaction from their audience. This is especially true in humorous pieces, which can backfire easily.
  • Be certain to edit the audio and video carefully. Any distracting camera problems, color issues, or audio anomalies can detract from your message.
  • Make sure you deliver your marketing message! So many people concentrate on creating a video that will go viral that they actually forget to add their marketing to the video! Don’t forget this crucial element.
  • Concentrate on providing a quality video that people will enjoy, and the viral element should take care of itself.

 Viral Written Material

While video is usually more effective for viral marketing than writing, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes good written material can easily go viral. It depends on your target market, and what you offer.

I have seen free eBooks downloaded over half a million times! That’s some powerful marketing! Not all material will be downloaded this often, but can you see the potential?

When creating written material for viral marketing campaigns, you need to ensure that you create material people will truly want to read. Don’t write about what you want to write about. Write what people want to read!

I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people fail in this aspect. They write whatever they happen to want to write about, without caring what their readers want.

Written material is usually educational. How-to products are common, as are advice pieces. Many people choose to give away a free chapter of their main product, or they write a product that complements their product very well.

Let’s say your product is an electronic cigarette that helps people quit smoking. You could write a report on ways to quit smoking, including your own product as one of the top methods. Then you could offer this as a free report.

Some people prefer to keep their free reports behind an opt-in, which is sometimes a good idea. However, if your viral marketing actually is a free report, this may not work as well.

People won’t be so quick to tell others about your report if they know the person will have to sign up to your email list to get it. They generally want to tell people about stuff they can get quickly and easily, with no hassles. That’s why video can work so well. If you want written material to work that well, it might be a good idea to avoid requiring people to opt-in.

However, you can certainly offer an optional opt-in on the page where you give away your report. Offer people a discount on your product as an incentive for signing up, or maybe give them a 7 day email course by autoreponder that expands on the content in the report.

This will help your content go viral more effectively, while still giving you the opportunity to build your list.


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Getting Creative: Building A Home Business On A Budget

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Getting Creative:  Building A Home Business On A Budget

Building a home business on a budget is important because this entity usually lacks a large amount of capital. This is why ithome business is necessary to stretch dollars as far as they can go. Here are three different ways that may be helpful when establishing and growing a home business.

1.Video Marketing

The best tool to build a home business, in my opinion,  is video marketing. The best tool in video marketing is YouTube. This is a very popular search engine where prospective customers may be waiting.

The best thing about YouTube is that it is free. It is a great way to directly promote a home business.  This attracts customers without much hassle. Magnetic sponsoring is part of this idea. Marketing a business magnetically attracts customers without the need to chase the public for sales.


Blogging is also a popular way to build a home business. It offers a great advantage over common social sites like Facebook. Websites like YouTube and Facebook can shut a person down. Google has already stopped advertising as well. When a person blogs, there is total control over the content. No one can shut down a site and information will always be relevant.


empower network videoUsing Facebook as a source of advertising for a home business makes a lot of sense. It will definitely help a person cut costs. Facebook is a very popular search engine. As a person uses this site to build social interaction, it will have many benefits that come with little expense.

There are many common mistakes that small businesses make when it comes to using Facebook for advertising. It is important for a home business to provide relevant content on a continuous basis. It is also important to invest time into setting up a good page. Facebook advertising should never be predictable.

Adding videos and photos will help to prevent boredom. One of the smartest things to do is to learn how to use all of the Facebook tools that are available. For example, a home business should create a custom welcome page and properly plan a good profile image.

Building any type of business can be difficult, especially when it is small. A home business will probably have limited funds when it comes to the marketing budget. This is when free or inexpensive advertising will come in handy. Video marketing, blogging, and social interaction sites will be helpful for building a home business on a budget.


If you received value from Getting Creative:  Building A Home Business On A Budget please leave a comment and share.

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Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013

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Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013

The world of employment has changed considerably in the last ten years. Market crashes, high unemployment and the Crazy Money Making Ideasimpact of the Internet on the job market have all resulted in the creation of strange, new opportunities for making money. While these changes have been painful for some, they have also made it possible for people to earn a living with some crazy money making ideas.

Virtual Work

More than one unemployed or underemployed person has discovered a way to earn good money without ever leaving their home. For instance, millions of people around the world enjoy playing World of Warcraft so intensely that they cannot find enough time in life to continue gathering gold in the game. They gladly pay other people to play the game for them while they work at their real-life jobs. They contact these people through the Internet and pay them real money via online accounts.

Internet Begging

Some people weathered the layoffs of the last few years by begging online. A good example is a young woman who got laid off from a high-paying job at a time when she owed $20,000 on her credit cards. She set up a website and told her story to public and simply asked for small amounts. Many people were moved by her story and by the pictures of her dressed in designer clothes. She received roughly $13,000 in about five months. Between that and selling some things, she managed pips12to live and to pay off her cards.

Trading Up

One Canadian man decided that he wanted a house a few years ago. However, he did not have any money or any construction skills. He decided to use the Internet to make some trades. However, these were not stock trades. He began with an odd-looking and large paper clip which he traded for a pen. He continued making trades, edging his way up in values until he traded a walk-on role in a TV show for a house in 2006.

Selling Dirt

There are millions of people around the world with Irish blood due to the emigration of many people from the Emerald Isle over the last couple centuries. Many people want some dirt from the homeland to throw on graves when proud relative die. A man in Ireland began selling authentic Irish dirt from his backyard for $10 per pound. His company now makes $2 million per year selling this dirt.

There is no reason to let the tides of change make a wreck of your life. These people and others have proved that there is money to be made in these new opportunities.


If you received any value from Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013 please leave a comment and share…

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How To Make A Home Business Thrive

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How To Make A Home Business Thrive

The garden metaphor for business has been done to death, but it does apply.  If you’ve recently started an home business or plan to do so in the near future, keeping the “growth” idea in mind is a good idea. The concept can be wonderful, and with  Home Business Successconstant attention, your new business will thrive.

Running your business from home has so many benefits.  You have no commute; you can work in your pajamas, and you can set your own hours.  For instance, I can work on my freelance writing career at any time of day or night.  That freedom is very enticing to most of us, so we need to focus on making our at-home endeavors profitable.

If you want your home based business to blossom, you must spread the word to the world beyond your family and friends.  Even a small advertising budget is better than none, and an ad that is carefully targeted at your customer base is well worth the expense.  I live in a very small community, so potential customers in my immediate area are few, but an ad in the local paper can bring in a small number of clients.  However, advertising on specialty writing sites is more productive.

Will Social Media Help Your home Business Thrive?

Social media may be overdone, but it still works.  Create a Facebook Fan page for your business and use Twitter.  These methods can bring in some new clients, and, once you’ve done wonderful work for them, word of mouth will bring in even more. I advocate this approach over plastering your neighborhood with flyers.   Several times a month, I pull one from under my wipers.  I have yet to use any of the home businesses who advertise this way.

Plug-in Profit WebsiteI’m not a joiner, but belonging to professional organizations does help bring in leads.  The old “who you know” adage is correct to a degree.  You still need to know your stuff, but talented people can watch their businesses fail if they don’t utilize their networking connections.

Growing a home business is like tending a garden, but I won’t belabor the point.  Just make sure the ground is fertile and that you water it regularly.  Then you can harvest a comfortable living.

If you received value from How To Make A Home Business Thrive please leave a comment and share…

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How to use an Aweber Broadcast as a Lead Capture Page and Sales Funnel

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How to use an Aweber Broadcast as a Lead Capture Page and Sales Funnel


In the video above I teach you a cool trick on how to use an aweber broadcast as a lead capture page. If you dont know what a broadcast is, it is when you send a email blast out to an existing list of leads.Aweber-emarketing

there is a really cool thing you can do with each broadcast and you archives of broadcast emails you have sent in the past.

Most people also dont know that you have an RSS feed of emails you send.

In this video I show you one of the many awesome tools you can use with your aweber account

Two things one, start building your list. And 2 start using aweber today!!

If you dont currently have an Aweber account click here>>> Sign UP Now


AWeber AutoResponder


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Elite Video Marketing Ninja Tricks

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Super Women Elite Bootcamp – Session #2 Video Marketing Ninja Tricks

How ya doin’, my friend?! Paul Butler here.

So myself and a rockin group of elite women got together yesterday to chat about marketing online and Learn these video Marketing Ninja Tricks. While we truly teach others how to get money online – It is also true that we can’t make any specific income claims. Our full income disclosure is updated daily. I think you will get massive value from the following two videos on how to use Youtube to build you internet marketing empire.

Press Play And Watch The Video To Find Out How To Use Youtube To Make Money The Fast And Easy Way With Empower Network!

Press Play And Watch  Video #2

Now that you’ve seen the videos its time for the next step…

Hey, I’m just being real, can I coach you guys for a second?

…you know what happens when people say they are going to do something, but don’t immediately do it.

you guessed it!!


Super common thing that I’ve ran into now, because now I have been around an unbelievably amount of successful people.  I’ve been like this for a long time, ever since (funny enough) that I’ve been succeeding.

But NOW, I’ve been around a lot of people making a tremendous amount of money…

…I’ll tell you that there is one commonality that connects them all, and that is that when they decide something, they start taking action immediately.

0 En button01

Your Success Will Depend On Your Speed of Implementation.

A lot of people put off their success by thinking about all of the amazing things they are going to do.

In the meantime, there is somebody else, halfway around the world, or perhaps in your own back yard, that is making it happen without worrying about whether or not it is going to be perfect.

They simply get the information, and then take immediate action.

For instance, I’m willing to bet that there is somebody that is reading this that has been “thinking” about joining the Empower Network for a long time.  In the meantime, several of your contacts have joined with other people while you were wussing around about the decision.

That is why you need to take action NOW.

There are also some people that are reading this that are “Thinking” about going to Chicago (or the next Empower event that is happening when you are reading this)…

…in the meantime, there are others that have already made the decision to be there.  If the event comes and goes before you make your decision, they will have breakthroughs, and you will be in the same position that you were.

Doesn’t it just make sense to take action?

If you need to join, then join now.

0 En button01

If you are like me, and you want to learn how to get money fast, implement the simple steps to make it happen and get started right now without watching the video presentation – then, click the button below to direct you to the sign up page:

0 En button02

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Tribe Marketing Secrets Disclosed

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Tribe Marketing Secrets Disclosed

Obviously “Tribe Marketing” is a marketing strategy that tries to create social groups or communities that are targeted around a service. But to the shrewd business owner, tribe marketing can imply much much more than that. Here is a short list of potential benefits :

* Instant Backlinks from Authority Sites
* Instant Facebook Likes and Shares
* Instant Retweets to Thousands
* Blog Commenting Collaboration
* Higher Web Page Ranking on Search Websites
* More Targeted, Peer-Referred Traffic
* More Leads, Sales and Commissions


Tribe Marketing Overview

The aim of nearly every online marketing professional, affiliate, network marketing pro and professional blogger is to increase exposure of their content to generate more traffic, leads and sales.

Historically this has done by actively promoting the content through forums, social bookmarking, tweeting, sharing on Facebook and employing a range of tools to extend the quantity of back-links to increase the possibility of getting the content to rank higher in the search engine results page.

Now imagine getting together with a “tribe” composed of dozens, even hundreds of like-minded marketers with the aim of auto-syndicating their content and, in return, having them auto-syndicate your content to their network of social bookmarking accounts, Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 properties.

Welcome to the wonderful world of tribe marketing!

Think Automated Co-operative Marketing

To make use of the tribe marketing idea you need to be ready and able to automatically share other member’s content through a variety of social media networks. The idea is the content you share, the more content your tribe marketing team members will share of yours.

Tribe marketing is really a 21st century co-operative marketing concept who time’s arrived.

So how, exactly, do you benefit?

* One of the most effective techniques to get your content to rank higher on the search engines is to get more quality back links from sites with some degree of authority – like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit among others . Tribe marketing can potentially get you hundreds, even thousands of back links within seconds.

* As other tribe members share your content to their non-public networks, you get the benefit of an implied endorsement. This may mean more direct traffic, leads and less complicated sales.

* Establishing a reciprocal marketing arrangement thru the tribe marketing idea can open the doors to other JVs, marketing deals and potential partnerships.

Starting With TribePro Marketing

There are two ways to take advantage of “tribe marketing” for promoters today.

You can form your own tribe by making a new forum, wordpress site or other social media site and invite folks to take part. This will need some coding and marketing on your part as the administrator, you can establish your own rules of collusion and syndication.

Better. You can join an already established tribe marketing platform like Tribepro and be set up to start sharing and having your content shared literally within a couple of minutes. It’s free. It’s fast. It’s simple. Check it out and join the tribe marketing revolution today. And if you’re truly serious about taking your business to the next level, see also MLSP for the Internet best lead generation platform.

If you found value with Tribe Marketing Secrets Disclosed please comment and share…

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