Some will, Some Wont, So What, Whos Next?

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Some will, Some Wont, So What, Whos Next?

In network marketing we have a concept called go for no. There is a saying yeses and no’s are fine but maybes starve babies. Meaning you can’t feed your child on maybe. every no eventually leads to a yes. The quicker you can get through the nos the quicker you get to close a sale.

We must eliminate all expectations and lose our attachment to the outcome. We never know who is ready to buy and who will never buy. ask the right questions and listen. If someone is ready to purchase they will sell themselves.


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5 Weird Ways To Buy Traffic That Actually Work

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5 Weird Ways To Buy Traffic That Actually Work

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges were designed as a way to “trade traffic” between website owners.  While nobody that knows what they’re doing would ever recommend surfing weird websites all day long, those that do are a great target for business opportunities and traffic related offers.  Most of these services offer the ability to buy credits instead of surfing. 

For this to work, the network cannot be an “autosurf” network.  Every member that doesn’t pay for clicks, needs to click from one site to the next.  They normally use a browser extension to make this work.  If you see the word “autosurf” anywhere, it’s not worth paying them to show up to their customers.  Nobody is looking at the sites and the next one in line pops up automatically.

Test out your offer with a small amount of credits on a non-autosurf network to see if what you sell is a good fit for this kind of traffic.


Launchbit is a cost-per-click (CPC) email service.  You pay-per-click on an ad that gets sent via email.  It’s a very unique network, but they have access to most major niches.  Their lists are pretty huge and the cost-per-click is generally much lower than more mainstream advertising services like Google or Facebook.

With any CPC advertising, you have to have a very clear budget in mind before you test out any network.  Make sure you limit your budget to whatever you’re comfortable with for your first test.


Outbrain is the service that provides those sponsored results under posts on your favorite blogs.  Publishers identify their audience and Outbrain will place links to their content under high traffic, relevant blog posts.  They represent some of the highest traffic websites online, so it’s worth considering.  Even if you have to custom create a new sequence or funnel, this is an inexpensive traffic source.

This kind of advertising works best with high quality content or advertorials.  An advertorial generally shows people how to best use a product or complete an overly difficult task that a product makes much easier.  If your products fall into either of those situations, it’s worth trying.


Sponsoring someone or something is an easy way to gain access to an audience that should know about your products.  The best part about sponsoring someone is that most times, giving them a simple affiliate link is enough to get a community leader to recommend your products.  As long as you have something of value to offer their audience and they can profit from it, you can get tons of exposure and a large amount of leads and sales from an arrangement like this.

Don’t assume that you can just go in with a financial offer and have someone respond.  You have to cover the value you’ll be providing their audience, too.  Make sure you cover both in your initial conversation and you may be able to make a very profitable arrangement for all involved.

Email Clicks

While we don’t consider ourselves weird, does email traffic in a way that’s unique from most others.  We don’t do solo ads the way most companies do.  With us, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting at all.  No email writing.  You provide us a link to your landing page and we send one of our already proven emails to generate the traffic for you.  That’s why our traffic is usually more responsive than a standard solo ad.  Click here to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business.


About the Author

Ross is a best-selling author and world renowned traffic expert with a focus on helping you find your customers and reach them by being everywhere they’re looking. With more than a decade of experience selling online, Ross is going to help you reach more people, faster.

“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code.”

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We will build your business for you if you join our team

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We will build your business for you if you join our team

Join our team today and we will help build your downline and build your business. We get the ball rolling and get you into profit mode and then train you on how to duplicate our success.

This is the biggest opportunity of the century. No joke. You can build a massive business without recruiting one person. All you have to do is share a free app with everyone you know and this thing will go viral.

Obviously the more you do the faster we will build wealth together.

We can do it all for you but that will realistically take much more time and effort on our part.


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Primerica Reps – Get High Quality Traffic to your Primerica Business Opportunity and build Your Biz

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Primerica Reps – Get High Quality Traffic to your Primerica Business Opportunity and build Your Biz

If you are building your Shaklee Business online you need 2 things:

1.  A high converting sales funnel


2. High Quality TRAFFIC!

We have both!!!

For our best converting sales funnel and autoresponder I highly recommend the Power Lead System.



My number 1 source for High Quality Traffic is Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority offers Top Tier English Speaking Traffic. These are people looking for a business opportunity or ways to make money online.





Primerica Reps – Get High Quality Traffic to your Primerica Business Opportunity and build Your Biz

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How to get Targeted Traffic and Leads for your Advocare Business Opportunity

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How to get Targeted Traffic and Leads for your Advocare Business Opportunity

If you are building your Advocare Business online you need 2 things:

1. a good converting sales funnel



For an excellent, high converting sales funnel and autoresponder I highly recommend the Power Lead System.



My number 1 source for High Quality Traffic is Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority offer Top Tier English Speaking Country Traffic. These are people looking for a business opportunity or ways to make money online.


How to get Targeted Traffic and Leads for your Advocare Business Opportunity

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Email List Building For Dummies

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Email List Building For Dummies


If you are currently building an online business you must be building a list of prospects. This is a beginners guide to building your list.

1. Sales Funnel (my example
a. lead capture page
b. autoresponder –Power Lead System/ Aweber


traffic monsoon, power lead system, and 4 corners

2. Traffic

Leads – email addresses

free ways/ paid ways

#1 traffic source – Solo Ads

2 of my top traffic sources are Udimi and Traffic Authority

reinvest 100% of your sales into buying more traffic until you make enough from profits
(this is not gross) to quit your day job. So if you need to make 5k per month to pay your bills and you are grossing 10k per month in sales, half of that must be profit. work your way up to buying 1000 leads per day and you will never have to work again.
Traffic Authority Traffic Packages:
Udimi Solo Ads:


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Viral Marketing

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Viral Marketing


You probably already know that one of the most effective forms of marketing happens to be word-of-mouth marketing. When someone hears about a product or service from someone they know, it’s much more powerful than hearing the same message Viral Marketing Campaignsfrom the company selling the product. After all, the company has a stake in the situation!

For many years, word-of-mouth marketing has been something most companies had to hope for. There was little they could do to actually attract word-of-mouth other than providing a great product and excellent customer service.

Then some smart marketers realized they could actually ignite this kind of marketing on their own. They started out with “publicity stunts”, but over the years, this has evolved into what we now call “viral marketing”.

In this report, you’re going to learn some ways you can get viral marketing working for you!

Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

What makes a successful viral marketing campaign? Why do some marketing pieces go viral and others do not? How can you make sure your own campaigns perform well?

These are all very common questions regarding viral marketing. And there are no easy answers to any of them. It’s easy to look at successful campaigns and say, “Oh, well that campaign was successful because…” However, what made that campaign work might not necessarily work for a similar campaign.

The thing about viral marketing is that you can never fully predict how people will react to something. You can spend thousands of dollars on market research and still not have a truly accurate picture of how people will react to a live campaign in the real world.

The truth is that even multi-million dollar marketing agencies don’t always get it right. In reality, most viral marketing campaigns never actually go viral at all. They are created for that purpose, but they don’t work.

All you can do is create a campaign that has a good chance to go viral. There are no guarantees!

So what typically makes a good viral campaign?FacebookSized-480x320-ONETEN

  • Humor – Many successful viral campaigns contain an element of humor, often revolving around it.
  • Shock Value – Many successful campaigns have some shocking or outrageous elements.
  • Uniqueness – For a campaign to go viral, it usually has to be something people haven’t seen before.
  • Value – Sometimes simply offering a truly outrageous deal such as something good for free or at a ridiculously low price is enough to get a campaign to go viral.
  • Sympathy – Many viral campaigns include an element of sympathy. For example, commercials for the ASPCA show cute animals that have been mistreated. People talk about these videos, because they are very emotional.

While these elements exist in most viral campaigns, they aren’t always enough to cause a campaign to generate buzz. Even when they do, they often don’t generate the level of buzz you’re hoping for.

There have been thousands of funny and unique television commercials that have come out in the last year or so, but only a handful of those are truly memorable enough to go viral.

It’s difficult to separate the successes from the failures, because at first glance they all seem to be similar. A funny commercial is a funny commercial, right? But it’s not that simple. Simply being funny is not enough to get people talking.

When you’re working on a viral campaign, one of the most important things you should realize is that there is no way to guarantee success with viral marketing. It’s just not possible. No matter what you do, you are helpless once the campaign is released. You’re at the mercy of the whims of the public.

Just understand that not every viral campaign will succeed. You should make sure to incorporate as many of the elements as you can, but in the end, the public will decide what it likes.

Don’t give up if you create a campaign that doesn’t go viral. Simply try again with a new campaign.

 Viral Opt-Ins

One of the best ways to use viral marketing is to build an email list. Many people concentrate on sending viral traffic to their sales pages, but it’s a better idea to send that traffic to a squeeze page in order to build your list.

Let’s say you have a product you’ve just released, and you are trying to build buzz around that product. You could send all of your traffic straight to the sales page, but what if people don’t buy right away? They might never return, and they would be lost forever.

However, if you sent that traffic to a squeeze page and offered them some sort of freebie to join your email list, you could email them several times about your product, increasing your chance to make a sale.

Additionally, you could market to that person many times over the coming years. Whenever you released a new product or wanted to promote a product as an affiliate, you would have your email list to do so.

This increases the effectiveness of your viral campaigns, because it gives you people to market to even if future campaigns don’t do as well. They become long-term customers.

When you build a squeeze page, try to offer users something related to your viral campaign. If your campaign is a funny video of a golfer missing his swing several times, you might offer a free report about how to improve your golf swing accuracy.

Build your freebie to speak to the market. Make sure it’s something they would really appreciate, and make it high-quality so they expect that your paid product will be even better.

Inside your freebie, you can put marketing for your paid product. This way, you’re marketing to people in your viral video, in your freebie, and on your mailing list, as well.

Everything you do should be about maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Make sure you’re marketing your product every chance you get, and that you’re building your list so you can market to them over and over instead of losing them forever.

 Viral Videos

Perhaps the easiest type of content to get to go viral is video. People just tend to react better to videos, because not everyone has the capacity to fully understand and comprehend the written word in the same way they understand video.

Videos are also very easy to share. One quick link is all someone needs to send someone to your video, and it’s easier to convince someone to watch a video than it is to convince them to download written material and read it.

Of course, creating viral videos can be tricky. Remember, you can’t guarantee something with go viral to the extent you would like it to. However, most videos have the potential to bring in traffic, even if they don’t go viral in a big way.

When creating a video, try to remember these tips:

  • Don’t automatically use humor. Not all markets will respond well to humor, and it could hurt more than it helps. Try to anticipate what your target customer would be interested in.
  • Hire actors to appear in your videos that your target market would identify with. If your target market is a male age 18-35, don’t hire older women. If your target market is older women, don’t hire a teenage boy.
  • Make sure you don’t offend your target market. Many viral campaigns fail because they don’t properly anticipate a negative reaction from their audience. This is especially true in humorous pieces, which can backfire easily.
  • Be certain to edit the audio and video carefully. Any distracting camera problems, color issues, or audio anomalies can detract from your message.
  • Make sure you deliver your marketing message! So many people concentrate on creating a video that will go viral that they actually forget to add their marketing to the video! Don’t forget this crucial element.
  • Concentrate on providing a quality video that people will enjoy, and the viral element should take care of itself.

 Viral Written Material

While video is usually more effective for viral marketing than writing, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes good written material can easily go viral. It depends on your target market, and what you offer.

I have seen free eBooks downloaded over half a million times! That’s some powerful marketing! Not all material will be downloaded this often, but can you see the potential?

When creating written material for viral marketing campaigns, you need to ensure that you create material people will truly want to read. Don’t write about what you want to write about. Write what people want to read!

I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people fail in this aspect. They write whatever they happen to want to write about, without caring what their readers want.

Written material is usually educational. How-to products are common, as are advice pieces. Many people choose to give away a free chapter of their main product, or they write a product that complements their product very well.

Let’s say your product is an electronic cigarette that helps people quit smoking. You could write a report on ways to quit smoking, including your own product as one of the top methods. Then you could offer this as a free report.

Some people prefer to keep their free reports behind an opt-in, which is sometimes a good idea. However, if your viral marketing actually is a free report, this may not work as well.

People won’t be so quick to tell others about your report if they know the person will have to sign up to your email list to get it. They generally want to tell people about stuff they can get quickly and easily, with no hassles. That’s why video can work so well. If you want written material to work that well, it might be a good idea to avoid requiring people to opt-in.

However, you can certainly offer an optional opt-in on the page where you give away your report. Offer people a discount on your product as an incentive for signing up, or maybe give them a 7 day email course by autoreponder that expands on the content in the report.

This will help your content go viral more effectively, while still giving you the opportunity to build your list.


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Easiest Sales System Ever

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Easiest Sales System Ever

Are you having any success building your business online?

Devon322-237x300Are you getting the support and training you need?

Are you frustrated?

One of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever received from my mentor is to stay focused and be consistent.

So the key to your success is find a system, that works, and stick to it.

Introducing the Easiest Sales System Ever:

I have recently partnered up with sales expert and internet marketing phenom Devon Brown.

Devon has created an awesome system and brought together an amazing team of telemarketers that he personally training in the home business industry to call your leads for you.

This really is one of the easiest and most effective sales systems I have ever used.

this system comes with 3 pre-programmed landing pages and auto-responder messages.

IF you have trouble setting up your auto-responder(like aweber) for a low fee we will set it up for you.close_saes_for_you_300x250

Once the system is setup all you have to do is drive traffic to your landing pages and the system takes over from there!

Easy Sales system Call Center:

You prospects will than be lead to an application page that once they fill out the app our call center will call and close that lead and you keep all the commissions!

How does that sound?

these tele-marketers have been training to close people into the home based business industry.

even if the prospect does not want to join the opportunity they stay in your sales funnel and every month

we have affiliate products that you can sell them. this is all part of this awesome system!!

If this sounds like something you may be looking for click here now.




Easiest Sales System Ever

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Finding the Best Home Based Business

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Finding the Best Home Based Business

Would you like to work from home? For many a home based busines would be an ideal career move but there may be more to running a business from home than you would think. Best Home Based Business

If you would like to generate an income by working at home then you have to draw on your inner strengths. There is little reason in coming up with a best home based business idea if hundreds of others have already thought of the self- same idea.

Those who want to make money from home must realize that it has become increasingly difficult to earn fast money online. In general quick and easy money making schemes are a thing of the past. Some of the best home based businesses started life as small problems that initially returned a small profit.

As the age old adage says “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. Anyone who is considering the possibility of earning a living by working from home must offer a service or sell a product that they truly believe in.

Do you need a huge investment for the  Best Home Based Business?

Many budding entrepreneurs who long to run a business from home need to come up with a money making idea that d300x250oesn’t require a huge monetary investment.

See this as a challenge, start off with a small amount of money and invest a lot of time and effort into starting a business from home. There are one hundred and one ideas for making money from home. If you are wise you will do your homework before setting up your own business.

Don’t forget that any home based business must be sustainable. Finding the best home based business may be fairly doable. Expanding a business concern that you run from the comfort of your own home could prove to be much harder.

If you are trying to find home based business ideas then you may benefit from joining one of the free online business forums. Read through the posts, ask some questions and you will inevitably find ideas for a home based business.

Home Office for your Home Based Business

Do an online search for easy to start home based businesses or take a quick look at the top ten home jobs. Please remember if you start to run a business from your home then you may need to turn a room into an office space.

Finding the best home based business may be the easier part, finding space within a family home to run your enterprise could prove to be the harder part.


Full Name:

if you received value from Finding the Best Home Based Business please leave a comment and share…

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Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013

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Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013

The world of employment has changed considerably in the last ten years. Market crashes, high unemployment and the Crazy Money Making Ideasimpact of the Internet on the job market have all resulted in the creation of strange, new opportunities for making money. While these changes have been painful for some, they have also made it possible for people to earn a living with some crazy money making ideas.

Virtual Work

More than one unemployed or underemployed person has discovered a way to earn good money without ever leaving their home. For instance, millions of people around the world enjoy playing World of Warcraft so intensely that they cannot find enough time in life to continue gathering gold in the game. They gladly pay other people to play the game for them while they work at their real-life jobs. They contact these people through the Internet and pay them real money via online accounts.

Internet Begging

Some people weathered the layoffs of the last few years by begging online. A good example is a young woman who got laid off from a high-paying job at a time when she owed $20,000 on her credit cards. She set up a website and told her story to public and simply asked for small amounts. Many people were moved by her story and by the pictures of her dressed in designer clothes. She received roughly $13,000 in about five months. Between that and selling some things, she managed pips12to live and to pay off her cards.

Trading Up

One Canadian man decided that he wanted a house a few years ago. However, he did not have any money or any construction skills. He decided to use the Internet to make some trades. However, these were not stock trades. He began with an odd-looking and large paper clip which he traded for a pen. He continued making trades, edging his way up in values until he traded a walk-on role in a TV show for a house in 2006.

Selling Dirt

There are millions of people around the world with Irish blood due to the emigration of many people from the Emerald Isle over the last couple centuries. Many people want some dirt from the homeland to throw on graves when proud relative die. A man in Ireland began selling authentic Irish dirt from his backyard for $10 per pound. His company now makes $2 million per year selling this dirt.

There is no reason to let the tides of change make a wreck of your life. These people and others have proved that there is money to be made in these new opportunities.


If you received any value from Four Crazy Money Making Ideas for 2013 please leave a comment and share…

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