We have top tier traffic to send to your sales funnel or capture page

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We have top tier traffic to send to your sales funnel or capture page


Top Tier Traffic – http://www.2steps2wealth.com

Do you need traffic to your sales funnel, capture page or business opportunity. We have tire 1 traffic, meaning english speaking countries like US, Canad,UK. We have several packages to choose from. you can also become a reseller or just purchase traffic here –http://traffic.paulbutler.ws

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you can drop me an email at paul@workwithpaulbutler.com put in the subject infinite leverage information

or give me a shout at (440) 367-8173


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Infinite leverage System Review

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Infinite leverage System Review


Infinite leverage System Review * ILS Internet Traffic Broker
Email me: habanerosun@yahoo.com Put in subject “Infinite Leverage System Review”
Facebook message me: https://www.facebook.com/heyokalove

Review of the business opportunity for internet traffic brokering. Sell traffic packages in the im/mmo niches. Tier 1 traffic.

Company is Infinite Leverage System, and they’re headed up by some paid traffic bad-asses.

Remember CPC brokers?

Almost every other person was using them when Empower Network was in their prime…

…yeah, those same guys:

Doug Wellens, Chad Stalvey and Greg Chambers.

Not to mention, Mack Zidan acting as master distributor.

Just in pre-launch, the company has caught attention of several marketing big-leagues, making it appear this will rival the launches of Empower Network and, most recently, the USA launch of Dubli.


The front-end product is called Click Brilliance, a $27/mo offer that pays a monthly $20 commission.

Click Brilliance is a ‘roided-out marketing suite that delivers 8 tools, including:

link tracking (including mobile)
pop-ups and timers (those countdown clocks are MONEY)
website rotators (for baller A/B split-testing)
website redirection tool (incase of “down time”)
duplicate click redirection (segment your “click” traffic)
geo-targeting (personalize pages to people’s location)
Then, the traffic packages come in different sizes, peaking at the $2,000 “titanium” traffic level:

Basic: $220 (170 to 190 clicks)
Bronze: $440 (340 to 380 clicks)
Silver: $660 (510 to 570 clicks)
Gold: $1,097 (850 to 950 clicks)
Platinum: $2,197 (1,700 to 1,900 clicks)
Titanium: $4,297 (3,400 to 3,800 clicks)


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