Cosmetic Bag Entrepreneur: ‘Have an Esteem Team’

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Cosmetic Bag Entrepreneur: ‘Have an Esteem Team’ has partnered with Lifetime Moms to introduce you to some outstanding women. These wSee all stories on this topic

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Penny Matrix – Whats all the Fuss…

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Financial Independence: Invest, Insure, and Save Your Money

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Financial Independence: Invest, Insure, and Save Your Money

If you are really serious about getting rich your own way, the time to start doing something about iSee all stories on this topic »

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Penny Matrix – Retire Early for only $7

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Penny Matrix

Can you really make a ton of money with a Penny Matrix plan?

Penny MatrixI have to be honest, in my 9 years in network marketing and network marketing i still belived “pennymatrix” programs were a scam.


one of my very successful mentors Robe Fore introduced me to this program.

but go back in time to 1991 and my old neighbor tried to get my brother and I into Amway I i told my brother that it was a scam.

It took me 23 years to come to my senses and join my first MLM. My life has never been the same since.

so the bottom line is:

CAN WE make significant money together with this.

Simple answer, DEFINITELY.

Like anything in life their are no guarantees and there is no such thing as “get rich quick”. Lets erase the lottery mentality from out internal map of reality.

But out of all the internet/online marketing opportunities this is the easiest and simplest ways to earn a significant income with the least amount of effort that I have discovered.

My mentor, Rob Fore, has built a team of over 11,000 active network marketing distributors worldwide in one company, and even have a team of 8,600 in yet another penny matrix program.

So how much does he make with a team of EIGHT THOUSAND in another forced matrix? Less than $1,000 per month.

And if we were to build out this new program to have $8,600+ active members it would pay out roughly $2,000 per month.

Penny Matrix

Which is not too shabby.

Imagine, an extra $2,000 per month could dramatically change your life in a positive way.

Think about it for a minute.

How would your life be different if you started bringing in an extra $500… $1,000… even $2,000 (or more) each and every month without having to work a lot of overtime or without picking up that extra part-time job at walmart?

  • Would you be driving the same old vehicle?
  • Would you be living in the same neighborhood?
  • Would you still be tossing and turning at night worrying about bills?

Chances are… your life would be significantly better with some extra money coming in. Right?

Of course!!

So let’s “do the numbers” and let me show you  a possibly BETTER WAY to make extra money online quick and why you might NOT want to promote a penny matrix.

Penny Matrix Profits!

There are really only three ways to make more money in your business:

  • Get more customers
  • Make more per sale
  • Get your existing customers to buy more

The easiest way I’ve found to make more money fast is to promote programs that pay you a monthly residual income on both your efforts and on the efforts of those you sign up.

So, in this case, (if automated) promoting a penny matrix fits the criteria and makes sense.

It is much better promote a program that pays MORE.

For example, instead of $0.30 per sale… what if you could earn $100 per month per sale?

Now let’s crunch the numbers – but let’s assume only 1% of the people who read about the program actually join because it is more expensive (again, a REAL WORLD REALITY):

  • 2,900 people search per month
  • 580 read this blog post
  • 5.8 join the program
  • 5.8 x $100 = $580 per month
  • $580 x 12 = $6,960 PER MONTH end of the year

Think about that.

The WORK you put in is the same, but the profits are not even in the same league.

Penny Matrix Profits?

A mentor of mine once advised me,

“Stop Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies”

When I first heard this it made no sense to me.

But as I learn how to make more money in my own business, I soon realized it is just as easy (or difficult) to sell something that earns you $100 per sale as it is to sell something that makes you a profit of $0.30 per sale.


Think about it like this for a minute…

At this moment, as I write this blog post, over 2,500 people, like yourself, are sitting in front their computers and searching google for the term “penny matrix” or “pennymatrix” or “penny matrix review” or even “penny matrix scam” each and every month.

Why is this? MAYBE because you may have heard about a penny matrix program somewhere… and you than decide to learn more about it.

Which is a good thing. And if you like what you find… you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PENNY MATRIX PROGRAM.

Now let’s play with the numbers game a little by assuming 20% of the people who search for pennymatrix actually find this blog post and 10% of these people actually join the program on a monthly basis.

  • 2,900 people search per month
  • 580 read this blog post
  • 58 join the program
  • 58 x $0.30 = $17.40 per month
  • $17.40 x 12 = $208.80 per month end of the year

Okay. Again, not too bad. At least we are making a profit.

And if you understand that in the REAL WORLD  about 5% of the people who join this program will also promote it (a MAJORITY will never sign up a single person no matter the price)… you could assume you might make $500 per month after a promoting the pennymatrix program for about a year.

Bottom line – It takes a LOT of people to make a profit.

Which is not a horrible thing if you have an PASSIVE way to promote the program – such as writing a blog post like this.

It may take me several hours to research, write and syndicate this blog post to receive high rankings in the search engines… and once it ranks… each and every month I could expect to sign up around 56 people.

So the KEY to making more money than that would be write and review many other programs… get those blog posts to rank… and literally create an automatic money-making machine that works 24/7 even while you are sleeping.

Right? And that is exactly what I teach you to do here with my FREE 8 day internet marketing bootcamp– 8 Day Internet Marketing Bootcamp. (We make about $40,000 PER MONTH blogging, by the way!)

Stop Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies my friend!

Promoting a penny matrix program is not a bad idea if you have a way to automate the process AND to have, if any, marketing costs. This can be done by blogging, with  social media marketing and free video marketing .

However, if you are truly serious about taking your business income to the next level – consider programs that pay you at least $100 per month per sale.

All the best to you,

Paul Butler

“The Dream Weaver”

If you received any value from my article about Penny Matrix please leave a comment below and share with your network…

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The Psychology of Time Management

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The Psychology of Time Management

The Law of Correspondence says that your outer life tends to be a mirror image of your inner life. ESee all stories on this topic »

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Three Characteristics of a Genius—Do you possess them?

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Three Characteristics of a Genius—Do you possess them?

Geniuses throughout the ages have been found to possess three special characteristics. CharacteristiSee all stories on this topic »

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Elite Video Marketing Ninja Tricks

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Super Women Elite Bootcamp – Session #2 Video Marketing Ninja Tricks

How ya doin’, my friend?! Paul Butler here.

So myself and a rockin group of elite women got together yesterday to chat about marketing online and Learn these video Marketing Ninja Tricks. While we truly teach others how to get money online – It is also true that we can’t make any specific income claims. Our full income disclosure is updated daily. I think you will get massive value from the following two videos on how to use Youtube to build you internet marketing empire.

Press Play And Watch The Video To Find Out How To Use Youtube To Make Money The Fast And Easy Way With Empower Network!

Press Play And Watch  Video #2

Now that you’ve seen the videos its time for the next step…

Hey, I’m just being real, can I coach you guys for a second?

…you know what happens when people say they are going to do something, but don’t immediately do it.

you guessed it!!


Super common thing that I’ve ran into now, because now I have been around an unbelievably amount of successful people.  I’ve been like this for a long time, ever since (funny enough) that I’ve been succeeding.

But NOW, I’ve been around a lot of people making a tremendous amount of money…

…I’ll tell you that there is one commonality that connects them all, and that is that when they decide something, they start taking action immediately.

0 En button01

Your Success Will Depend On Your Speed of Implementation.

A lot of people put off their success by thinking about all of the amazing things they are going to do.

In the meantime, there is somebody else, halfway around the world, or perhaps in your own back yard, that is making it happen without worrying about whether or not it is going to be perfect.

They simply get the information, and then take immediate action.

For instance, I’m willing to bet that there is somebody that is reading this that has been “thinking” about joining the Empower Network for a long time.  In the meantime, several of your contacts have joined with other people while you were wussing around about the decision.

That is why you need to take action NOW.

There are also some people that are reading this that are “Thinking” about going to Chicago (or the next Empower event that is happening when you are reading this)…

…in the meantime, there are others that have already made the decision to be there.  If the event comes and goes before you make your decision, they will have breakthroughs, and you will be in the same position that you were.

Doesn’t it just make sense to take action?

If you need to join, then join now.

0 En button01

If you are like me, and you want to learn how to get money fast, implement the simple steps to make it happen and get started right now without watching the video presentation – then, click the button below to direct you to the sign up page:

0 En button02

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Jewelry Design Inspired by Spark & Hustle

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Jewelry Design Inspired by Spark & Hustle has partnered with Lifetime Moms to introduce you to some outstanding women. These wSee all stories on this topic »

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7 Qualities of Creative Thinkers

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7 Qualities of Creative Thinkers

The more you do of what you’re doing, the more you’ll get of what you’ve got.  Creative thinkSee all stories on this topic »

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10 Favors You Can Do for Yourself Every Day

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10 Favors You Can Do for Yourself Every Day

“If you didn’t have a great experience in high school, it’s your fault.” I recently attendedSee all stories on this topic »

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