A New Way To Think about Creativity

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A New Way To Think about Creativity

This article is based on a powerful TED talk by author and speaker Elizabeth Gilbert.

Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of humiliation? Are you afraid of being lonely? Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? The simple answer is YES of course you are!! That is human nature, were afraid of all these things and then some…

Most of us are afraid of these and other things such as death, public speaking and maybe, like myself, heights!!

Now is it rational to be afraid of the work we were put on this Earth to do?creativity muses

And what is it specifically about creative ventures that seems to make us nervous about others mental health, unlike most careers. To get ahead in life, these days, you are going to need to be creative on several levels. Creative people have the reputation of being mentally unstable. We seem to be undone by our gifts!

We accept collectively as a whole the notion that creativity and suffering are somehow inherently linked. We must separate ourselves from what we are creating and the anxiety of the reaction we may get from hat we are creating.

How did Ancient Civilizations view Creativity?

In ancient Greece and Rome, people did not believe that creativity came muses of creativitydirectly from human beings but from an outside Divine Unknowable Source. Greeks called these divine attendants of creativity; Daemons. Romans called it Genius from the root word Genie.

The Romans believed that a genius was a magical divine entity who was believed to live in the walls of the artists’ studio. The ancient artists were protected from the fragile things like ego. The credit or blame for works of creativity were given to an outside source. This in a way shielded the artist from ridicule, blame and negativity from peers and society. It was the deities fault for work deemed lame!!

After the Renaissance people started believing that Creativity came from the self. Creativity than was believed to come from an internal source. this became too much responsibility to put on the delicate self.

What Now?

Can we go back to the ancient beliefs of a divine source of inspiration and creativity? Possibly not.

why not think of it like this? It is a much better way to think of creativity. It seems more authentic than most peoples beliefs about creativity.. Creativity can seem to not behave rationally and at times seem paranormal!!divine creativity

We all brush up against divine intervention at times in our lives. How can we deal with this and stay sane at the same time. We need to open a dialogue with the source of creativity and release the anxiety of the internalized torment. If you get caught in a pit of negativity open yourself to the divine source and create a rational discussion with it. It may be a painful reconciliation that creativity has been loaned to you from an outside unknowable source, but may be necessary to keep your sanity.

The key is move beyond your fear, do your job and show up. Really, what do you have to lose?

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Numis Network Australia Prelaunch until April 1 2012

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Numis Network Australia Prelaunch until April 1 2012

Numis Network , Gold and Silver MLM out of Tampa Florida is in a PreLaunch in Australia until April 1 2012. FREE Pre-Enrollment. We have until April 1st to build a massive organization. Lets build a massive organization together…go to
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Numis Network Australia Prelaunch

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Why Would Anyone Pay 150 Dollars Per Month For an Autoship

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Why Would Anyone Pay 150 Dollars Per Month For an Autoship

If you are building a Network Marketing Empire you may be confronted with this objection “Why Would Anyone Pay 150 Dollars Per Month For an Autoship?” In this video I give you the answer. Hope this helps!

Find out more reasons why to start building a Network Marketing empire today!! By clicking>>> Best Home MLM

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How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated

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How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated

motivationBeing Motivated and staying motivated is all about focus. Focusing on your goals and having a white hot desire to achieve those goals is the profile of a champion.

People need inspiration and encouragement in their lives to lift them from the mediocrity of the lowest common denominator to that of excellence and success!!

How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated

How do you inspire and uplift your team? Get them motivated and stay motivated? The first thing you need to do is find their why… why is that? Once you find a persons’ why you find their inspiration, their needs and wants.

Motivation is really about communication. This is one skill we can always improve upon. Being a good communicator also means being a good listener and asking the right questions. digging deep into why and what people are trying to communicate to you. You inspire and motivate your team with properly communicating to them your vision. Do not drop the ball on this!!

The why becomes the tool of motivation and inspiration. People need a vision. Without a vision we only have fate. Fate, meaning habits and the patterns of ones own mind. People in a rut, tend to stay in a rut. When a person motivatesubscribes to mediocrity they tend to become a life-long partner.

With a vision you can now have patience and perseverance. Its the small day to day actions over time that make your vision a reality. It is what we call the compound effect. Remember the tortoise beats the hare. Patience is a virtue. Stay focused, keep your team focused and build an empire.

Now, your team will be motivated by the vision of the team and stay motivated as your team builds momentum and growth is created. We shall inspire with our words and motivate with our actions. We must work tirelessly and with a positive attitude.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot…You are right!! – Henry Ford

A human being can alter the circumstances of their lives by altering their attitudes of their minds. Our thoughts about things and life tend to start with our image of our self. Our self image will either uplift or destroy us based on our own beliefs. Negative thinking breeds negative habits.

The truth is, you can only provide the vehicle for motivation. It is up to the individual to out what you teach into practice. You can tell someones motivation by how much or lack of complaints and excuses.

If you want to win you need to change. If you are winning now, then you must have figured it out!!

Success and Excellence is a habit – Aristotle

Do the thing and it shall give you power. We lead by example. You keep your team motivated by being motivated. People hear what you speak but do what you are!!

What are you doing?????

I will finish this article with quotes that I love by Steve Farber from “The Radical Leap”

If I love who we are, and if I love what we can be, then I’ll love the process of how we get there. And in order to make it all happen, I will act boldly and courageously and I will, at times, fail magnificently. But my love demands that I try. Demands it.”

“that’s the nature of leadership in the extreme: the dynamic interplay of love and fear. Acting out of love creates fear, and love gives me the courage to work through that fear.”

LEAP – Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof

“Love generates Energy, inspires Audacity, and requires Proof. LEAP, you see, is simply the Extreme Leader’s active, dynamic, expression of love.”

“The Extreme Leader consciously and intentionally cultivates love in order to generate boundless energy and inspire courageous audacity. And he or she must provide the proof that it’s all been worthwhile: proof through the alignment between word and action; proof through the standing up for what’s right; proof through measurable, tangible signs of progress; and proof through the experience of phenomenal success as well as glorious failure. That’s the LEAP. And, if I can add to that, it’s the LEAP that creates the OS!M [Oh Shit! Moment]. The OS!M is fear in the pursuit of creating something greater than the current reality. And the desire to create something greater is a bold expression of love. Simple as that.”

Do you see what Steve said “acting out of love will create fear.” That is because you will lead with an open heart. This will force you to step out of your comfort zone where the tyranny of the world will try and crush you. But its that love that will cause you to overcome these fears. The love of your vision, your why and the love of your team!!!

I hope you enjoyed and received value from my article How To Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Motivated..If so please comment and share…

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Why Everything In This World Is Sales

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Why Everything In This World Is Sales

You may say, at first seeing this, how is everything in this world sales? I should expand on this. Really, I should say salesevery action or every motivation is sales. We are sold ideas everyday. Every decision we make or reason for doing what is we do is based on either finding pleasure or avoiding pain. Everything you purchase falls into these two categories.

Every choice we have made was based on a sale. Someone sold you an idea and you acted on it. Our whole life we have been sold a bill of goods. Most of them being limited beliefs. I see it everyday in people’s doubts and fears!

Your Religion sold you the idea that you would be better off in Heaven than Hell, if you believe in that kind of thing. Why do you go to church every Sunday? Your parents probably sold you on the idea that’s what good people do. You have been sold the idea of good and bad, right and wrong. These are all beliefs.

You had to “sell yourself” to your boss as being a good employee or a hard worker, ethical and so on, to get that job. Everything is sales. You had to sell yourself to your girlfriend/or boyfriend that you would be a great partner. Sometimes peoples’ perceived notion of beauty is enough to make the sale. Like that guy or that girl is hot so I am sales romancegoing to pursue them. The idea of the pleasure of being with that person outweighs the notion of the pain of rejection.

All of our beliefs were sold to us. As a newborn baby you had no beliefs. You were a clean slate, easily convinced of the duality of this world. The mind perfectly reflecting everything presented to it.

Ultimately you had to agree with a belief system presented to you. Most of the time you are not a choice in the matter. These beliefs become unconscious and over time you dont even remember why you believe what you do!!

Now back to sales. You sold yourself on the concept of being with a mate. Why did you go on a date with that person? Was it because you anticipated how great the sex would be, was it your discomfort with being alone, maybe sex, was it the pleasure of companionship, sex, to have fun, sex?

You see, we rarely ever question why we do the things we do!!

I hear most people say I hate sales, or I can’t do sales. Well guess what you better learn how. If you ever want to succeed in life or achieve any goals you have to get good at this skill.

How much value do you bring to the marketplace?

This will determine your paycheck. I dont care if it is in your J.O.B. or you are self-employed. Everything is sales. sales influenceread “How to Win friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Get good at people skills because otherwise you will be a doormat for alphas to walk all over.

People may think this is negative, saying everything is Sales but I am just trying to help you out. I wrote this article to help you on the path of transformation. To free you from the prison of fate. This is not so much about control as much as it is about navigating the ocean of Energy and Life.

Question everything,but dont be over-skeptical or you will pass up some great opportunities. Once you see everything as sales you will be less likely to be manipulated into buying into bullcrap and being easily manipulated.

You have greatness within you. Sales is a skill anyone can learn and master with the right action. Until you get good at, in the least, selling yourself to the world, your life will be a struggle!!

You have the right to dream and to Live Your Dreams. Dont let anyone crush your dreams and passion. The world will try to drag you down into its mediocrity, DONT LET IT!!!


If you received value from my article Why Everything In This World Is Sales please leave a comment and share!!

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Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past

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Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past

word of mouth advertisingIn the past he who had the most money to spend on advertising WON!!! Today the tables have turned and now he who builds the best brand and community wins. The trends show that people are attracted to brands and rely on social media to learn what they “can’t live without.” Its all about the buzz and building a loyal community and “tribe” to spread the word about your products or service.

Word of Mouth Marketing goes a lot further to building your brand and growing your business. That why more business models are going into the Network Marketing industry than into the advertising industry.

Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves.”
— Albert Einstein

Here are several reasons Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past:

  • We are all bombarded daily by many forms of advertising. We are exposed to a minimum of 250 to 500 ads everyday. Because of so many advertising methods always trying to “steal” our attention no wonder we all suffer from ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder). The average attention span of a human today in the civilized world is about 10 to 20 seconds on average. If you dont catch someones attention with that time you lose them. Thats why email advertising also doesnt work like it used to 10 years ago. Also the massive spamming out there in internet land doesnt help either.advertising
  • People do not trust Advertising and Big Corporations anymore. How many times have you been misled by advertising or walked into a “big box” store and were “tricked” into buying something you didnt need or even want?!!! With the advent of social media now people are informed more and more by what there friends and contacts are recommending or talking about. Social Networking in the past few years has grown in leaps and bounds. As of Jan 2012 there are over 700 million people on facebook. If someone posts a question about a certain product the most responses a person gets the more likely they will look into those recommendation. with the world connected through social media it is much easier to build a brand and for your marketing to go viral.
  • Creativity and Ingenuity go a lot further than the advertising tricks. With the competition of the internet the most creative and viral far outweigh the amount of money thrown at a marketing campaign. Although, you never know what will go viral, social media has made it more powerful to build a viral campaign. Look for creative and fun ways to promote your business. Look at what is getting the most hits on youtube and whats trending and always fuel the imagination.
  • People trust their friends/family and their social groups over companies and corporations. getting people excited and talking about your great products and or service will transform your business in positive ways. Avoid hype and give people things to talkadvertising thinktank about. Be original, be creative…THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!
  • Create a Thinktank. This is a solution to the problem of advertising. bring together either offline, online or conference calls the most creative people you can find to brainstorm on attention getting methods on building your brand. First things first, you need a great product or service you words and actions can back up.

Now that you know that advertising and a large marketing budget alone will just cause you to go bankrupt. Now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!!!


If you received any value from my Why Advertising doesnt Work Like It Did In The Past article please leave a comment and share 🙂

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How to Generate Network Marketing Leads Online

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How to Generate Your Own Network Marketing Leads Online

If you are new to network marketing or have been in the industry for many years if you are struggling in building your business or have run out of lead generationyour warm market the internet is a bridge to new prospects. I generally have my new recruits make a list of at least 100 people and call those people or meet with them. There are many offline ways to grow your warm market offline such as networking groups and meetup but this article will be about generating leads online.

The following list will be the fundamentals on How to Generate Your Own Network Marketing Leads Online

  1. The first step is to start building your brand. That will be YOU, Inc. This will take time to build but getting started today is paramount to long-term success. Your brand will be your name, face, voice and value you bring to the marketplace. Purchase a domain name as your name such as paulbutler.com if the domain is already taken add a who is or work with before your name.
  2. Now that you have your domain create a wordpress blog on that online leadsdomain. start blogging everyday bringing value with your posts. You also want to have a sales funnel built into your blog. I use a funnel and system called MLSP. MLSP is a marketing training and sales funnel. Click here for an example.
  3. Now you want to start driving traffic to your blog…
  4. Free Marketing techniques. Free marketing would be things such as article marketing, social marketing such as facebook, twitter and youtube. commenting on other high traffic blogs and creating a newsletter.
  5. Paid marketing techniques: Some of the top paid marketing techniques are Google PPC (pay per click), Facebook PPC, you can buy leads from a reputable company, use viral url or traffic swarm. You could also outsource your marketing campaigns. I also use a auto syndication system called Tribepro. Its a community of marketers who syndicate each others content through social media.
  6. You also need a lead capture page for your business opportunity. Such as you will find by clicking >>> my lead capture page . This lead capture page is built into the MLSP system. You want a call to action in all your marketing.
  7. My favorite source of traffic and lead generation is youtube. You have people watching you, they see you hear your voice it is a much better way to warm up a prospect than a sales letter. If you call them they feel like they already know you!!
  8. I learned from one of my mentors that if you are out there fishing it is better to have many hooks with different bait than just one hook with one kind of bait. Different things will resonate better for different people. Start with one technique you learn, do that for 30 days or until you get good at it and learn something new.

In this industry we never stop learning. Remember the simple things are much easier to duplicate and the fundamentals of this industry never change. It really is a numbers game. The more people you talk to and present your opportunity to the more successful you will become. We really do want quality over quantity. This will save you time and money but this you will learn in time.


If you found value in How to Generate Network Marketing Leads Online please comment and share!!

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Our Company Expansion in the UK and How You Can Save 75 Dollars

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Our Company Expansion in the UK and How You Can Save 75 Dollars

Numis Network, a gold and silver company, based out of Tampa, Fl had expanded to the UK in Oct of 2011. We are growing in leaps and bounds. If you are in the UK or have connections in the UK check out >> Numis Network.

Numis Network is now in the US, Canada and the UK. We will be adding new countries regularly. The UK team is really growing like a wildfire and building momentum daily. We have some of the top leaders in this industry on our team.

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  • Back Office Business Center -Tracks your business details, including compensation, sales team, reporting, and much more.
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Fast Track Collector’s Kit (Success System Discount Shown in this Price) Only $345.00

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What Would You Do If You Werent Afraid?

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What Would You Do If You Werent Afraid?

What a great question!!zen monk

If you had no fear would you live your dreams? Would you speak your mind? There would be no comfort zone to keep you imprisoned. I guarantee to you that it is your fear that is keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

If you werent afraid, where would you live, what would you do?

Would you fly to the moon? Would you dance naked in the rain?

How would you live your life if this were your last day? What if it was just the beginning? a great Zen Monk once said….

“Inch, Time, Foot, Gem.”

What does this mean? It means that each moment you have on this Earth in your body is worth more than a priceless gem!!

It all depends on how you choose to live it. What makes us different than a butterfly, bee or duck is that animals live by instinct we have something called “FREE WILL” This means we have the freedom of choice. Although the great late George Carlin used to say “The only real choice you have is between paper or plastic“!!

free willI would like to change this to we have the possibility of free will. Unfortunately most of us are products of our environment, of our past!! Most of us will not break free of our conditioning. We aren’t even a choice in the matter.

This is not being negative, it is just the TRUTH!!

The human race is like a caged human animal. Our Spirits have been broken. When was the last time you jumped out of bed excited, enthusiastic, ready to take the bull by the horns excited to take on a new day? When was the last time you played, relaxed had fun?

We all have whats called an internal map of reality. These become filters to the world. Most of our beliefs have been programmed into our minds, holding us prisoners. We need to wake up and be aware of our thoughts and the patterns of our mind to change. We shall focus on our dreams and goals. Stay the course my friend!!

How do you know when someone needs encouragement? If they are breathing!! Encouragement is oxygen for the soul. Lets lift each other up!!

If our comfort zone is keeping us from our dreams why do we stay there? Because its comfortable. We don’t know any better. The emotions of discomfort have caused us to build a life to keep us from feeling those feelings we call negative emotions. They are just feelings my friend.

We have a built a life around avoiding those emotions we call bad. We have comfort zonebuilt themes around those emotions. We need to learn to include and embrace those emotions. Here are a few; Sad, angry, humiliated, shy, tired, embarrassed, lonely, frightened, jealous, etc. In pursuing your dreams you will be confronted by these emotions, I guarantee it!!

Just let them be okay. Be Aware and know that they are a part of the journey. They are obstacles that you will overcome in time. They are signs that you are stepping out of your comfort zone.



If you found value in this article What Would You Do If You Werent Afraid? please leave a comment and share 🙂

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